Here are some pictures of my computer collection.

I collect "classic technology" mostly 80's stuff of course.. I'm fond of emulation but there's just no substitute for the real thing.
Save a classic computer system from the landfill and give it a place in your home!

TI-99/4a Home Computer and Geneve 9640Systems

TI console, Gram Kracker, Speech Synthesizer, Perepherial Expansion Box, Foundation 128k ram card w/myarc XBII rom, Corcomp DS/DD floppy controller, Myarc Personality Card, Corcomp RS232 Card (Millers Graphics ROMS), Mechatronic Mouse, TI 10" color monitor, Myarc WDS/100 Hard Disk System containing a Rodime 15meg MFM hard disk drive, Wico bat-handle joystick w/TI adaptor box Myarc Geneve 9640, Perepherial Expansion box, HFDC controller, DS/DD 5.25" and DS/HD 3.5" floppy drives, Seagate ST-251 40meg MFM hard disk drive. Commodore 1084S analog RGB display, Logitech bus mouse hacked to work with the Geneve, 104key keyboard, TI rs232 card, external power supply for the hard drive..

Here are two shots of the 4/a and the Geneve. I pretty much have everything you can get for the 4/a other than the latest stuff being developed. Latest stuff? Yes the TI is alive and well in the world. Most of the heavy players from when I was really into this computer are even still around!   I own a ton of consoles, and a Myarc Geneve 9640 set up with HDFC and 40meg hard disk drive.

Some TI/Geneve related links to look at:

PC99  Texas Instruments TI-99/4A emulator for IBM PC (or compatible the console/computer emulator (emulates the 99/4, 99/4a, and Geneve 9640!)

The Yahoo TI-99/4a discussion group

Other computers I own:

Apple II+ clone (not an apple part in the thing!) expanded with a mockingboard sound card

Apple Macintosh models: SE, Quadra 660AV

Commodore Amiga models: 500, 1000, 1200, 2000 & 3000

My amiga 2000 & 3000

My Amiga 2000 is expanded with a GVP 68040 with onboard fast ram and SCSI controller, A2065 ethernet card, Retina Video Card, Fat Agnus, dual DD drives and a 2x CDROM and 3.1 roms. It's running amigados 3.9 and has 8mb fast ram, 1 mb graphics ram

My Amiga 3000 is a 68030 based machine, with 8megs fast and 2mb graphics ram. Fat agnus & denese. External DD airdrive.

My Amiga 1000 is stock cept for a MEM expansion card to bring it up to a whopping 1meg fastram! :) and two 1010 external dd drives.

My Amiga 500 is expanded with a ram/clock card to bring it to 1meg fastram, external hd controller (grand slam) with ram to add 8 megs fast ram. Also have a A570 external cdrom which makes it CD32 compatible too.

My Amiga 1200 is expanded with a 68020 board

Ibm Compatibles: 486, P100, P133, PIII-1ghz, P4 2.53ghz

Compaq Contura 4/25c laptop

Trs-80 Model 4

Trs-80 Model 100

Sun Sparcstation

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