Majormud is a new game on The KEEP

MajorMUD is an interactive, text-based adventure game which
evolves around puzzle solving and character building. The game
begins in the city of NewHaven where beginners can practice their
skills. They then venture out to Silvermere and the world beyond.

Users start by choosing one of several races, and
one of many classes. Their character then becomes an adventurer
in the Realm, each with special skills and abilities. Beginning
in the city of NewHaven with no money and limited weapons and
equipment available, the user is free to try to advance his character
and make his fortune.

Users advancement happens many ways. A user can fight his way
through hordes of monsters, or traverse the realm looking for puzzles
to solve and wealth to find.

Map of the mines in newhaven

Map of the murky depths

Big MAP of advanced areas

Graphic maps

Mage Spells
Druid Spells
Bard spells
Mystic spells
Priest spells
Titan spells

Here's a good web site about mud

Anothere site.

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