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$10.00 per month - unlimited access for 30 days

All accounts include a Email address on the internet 4mb web storage space, full menu and www services and more. Please do not hesitate to MAIL US if you have any questions.

Unpaid (Serf) accounts will be bumped off-line to make room for paying members if 35% of our capacity is full. Serf accounts have very limited access and can not use most of the services or send/receive emails.

The KEEP Reserves the right to change rates at any time.

Payment Options

Cash, Money Order or Bank Check Make Payable to:

Gregory McGill

Mail to:
Gregory McGill
16200 SW Pacific Highway Suite H-144
Tigard, Oregon 97224

Credit card or Electronic Check

NOTE: Buyers using credit card processing are subject to our terms of service regarding online and credit card payments. We are not responsible for maintaining your paypal or google accounts for you. You must provide a confirmed valid address to use these payment methods.

Google Wallet -
send payment to

Amazon Payments -
send payment to


Paypal is no longer accepted for payments.



I accept bitcoin via

1 Month $10.00 USD Subscribe With Bitcoin

3 Months $20.00 USD Subscribe With Bitcoin

12 Months $80.00 USD Subscribe With Bitcoin

International Payments

I accept POSTAL MONEY ORDERS in US funds _ONLY_ for international payments. .

Make sure the money order is in _US FUNDS ONLY_ any other type of funds will be refused.

NO I DO NOT HAVE A 900 NUMBER - 900 number fraud has cost us too much money, sorry. It's just too easy to call the number on someone else's phone line. I can not be liable for fraud of that nature.

For more information you are welcome to email

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